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For smaller start-up / newly established companies in denmark: Accountor Online is a combination of financial system and personal services/bookkeeper. You will get a modern cloud based financial system and a personal bookkeeper to take care of everything: bookkeeping, payments, invoicing, reporting, dunning procedures, filings and closing of the books. The perfect choice for an international company with a subsidiary in Denmark.

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For start-up / newly established companies in Denmark

If you are just starting business in Denmark, figuring out all the rules and regulations, filing requirements and deadlines for VAT etc. may be quite confusing. A successful start-up requires in-depth knowledge of Danish company law, local rules, accounting requirements etc.

Establishment of legal unit

We have long-term experience assisting foreign companies starting business in Denmark – both establishing the legal unit and handling all the tasks related to accounting and payroll in your new company.

The advantage of getting expert assistance is that you will have a well-functioning finance function from day one after establishment in Denmark.

In case you need help establishing a legal unit, please see our start-up services.

Bookkeeping, accounting and payroll services

Accountor offers a solution where we take care of everything in relation to your bookkeeping, reporting, VAT and taxation issues, payroll, preparation of monthly reports, various filings to the appropriate authorities and closing of the books.

Our experienced accountants will handle your bookkeeping, filings and payroll – and you will have time to focus on developing your business; getting new employees and customers on board etc.

Our typical services cover:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Payments
  • Invoicing
  • Dunning procedures
  • ​Reporting
  • Closing of books
  • ​Payroll
  • Filings – VAT and taxation issues

Bank integration
Using our app, you can easily add receipts following a few simple steps. Moreover, we will set up an integration between your financial system and your bank, so that you do not need to log on to your online banking. Payments and transfers are easily done directly in the system.

Personal contact - dedicated bookkeeper

As an Online Accountor customer, you will have one dedicated contact person/bookkeeper whom you can always contact and who knows your business.

Your dedicated bookkeeper takes care of all your vouchers, filing and reporting. In case you need extra services, we easily upgrade our contract.

Online access to updated figures

All you need is an internet connection and you will have access to your information anywhere and anytime – and thereby easily get an overview of:

  • Payments
  • Bookkeeping or
  • Cash position

It is up to you how much you want to keep up with your figures; payments, bookkeeping or liquidity, but you will always have live access to see your information.

You can also call, visit or email our experts personally.

Transparent price – payment per transaction

Accountor Online’s pricing is very straightforward, with no licensing or other hidden costs. You know your costs up front, as the price is based on the number of transactions. We will be happy to provide a detailed offer based on your needs.

Accountor in brief

We are Accountor, your ideal partner in accounting, HR and financial advisory services. We have offices in seven countries, with the latest tools and more than 2,600 passionate people delivering better results for you. In Denmark, we are around 100 employees at your service. How can we help you?

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